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christmas bird count feeder watchers needed!

Downy WoodpeckerCalling all Feeder Watchers!

This year’s annual Christmas Bird Count marks the 114th for National Audubon and the 40th for Rutland County Audubon. The information collected for over 2,300 counts in Canada, Mexico and the USA is combined into a single data set that constitutes the longest and most extensive Citizen Science bird monitoring exercise ever!

Count protocol dictates that the count area be a circle 15 miles in diameter and once designated remains constant. The local count circle is centered where Route 4 west crosses the Otter Creek in Center Rutland.

If you have a feeding station at home that attracts a “countable” number of birds and, if you live in Rutland City, Rutland Town, West Rutland or Proctor and would be willing to identify and tally your birds on count day, Saturday, December 28, please contact Roy Pilcher at shamwarivt@aol.com and he will take it from there.

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