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Prairie WarblerThe Pleasant Street Powerline in West Rutland, not far from West Rutland Marsh, is a worthwhile stop especially if you are in the area visiting the marsh. The powerline attracts some habitat-specific species, many of which nest in the open, shrubby area. Both Golden-winged and Blue-winged warblers can be found with the occasional Brewster’s hybrid. It’s easy to see them by listening for their buzzy songs.

Prairie Warbler is another specialty of the powerline. You may spot one singing atop one of the shorter trees or shrubs. Other warblers that frequent the area include Black-and-white, Chestnut-sided, American Redstart and Common Yellowthroat. In the trees that line the power line, you can also pick up Nashville, Magnolia, Ovenbird, and Yellow-rumped warblers.

American Kestrel can be seen perched on the power lines and Wood and Hermit thrush can be heard in the woods that line the powerline.

The bouncing ball song of the Field Sparrow can be heard along as well as the “drink your tea” song of the Eastern Towhee, which are fairly abundant here. Brown Thrasher is also recorded at this spot.

The best times to visit the powerline are early May through late June. As with any place that birders visit often, however, rarities can turn up anytime. In December of 2003 a Townsend's Solitaire was found during the annual Christmas Bird Count, a first Vermont state record.

To get there, continue past the marsh boardwalk. At the next intersection, turn right onto Pleasant St. The power station will be up on the left. At the second curve in the road, you can park (taking care not to block the gate). Walk south on the power line, away from power station.  You will not need to walk far to see or hear the above species.

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