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female Wood Duck with young

Although known as a premier mountain biking destination, there are 300 acres of bird habitat to explore at Pine Hill Park in Rutland City.

Two ponds, Rocky and Muddy, just outside the northeast boundary of the park make a worthwhile destination. Muddy Pond in early spring and again in the fall is worth checking for ducks and shorebirds. The hemlocks along the south shore of Muddy Pond are a good spot to find Golden-crowned Kinglets.

A nice variety of warblers can be found in migration and throughout the summer season. Power line cuts through the park provide brushy habitat for nesting and feeding such as Common Yellowthroat and Indigo Bunting.

In winter all the resident species such as woodpeckers, nuthatches and finches are easy to find. It is not uncommon to hear a Barred Owl. In deep snow, snowshoes may be necessary.

Please be alert to mountain bikers and runners especially at intersections and turns. Be sure to respect the private property bounding the park. Occasionally the park hosts biking and running events so check the Pine Hill Park website.

Northern Flicker

female Hooded Merganser




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