What You Can Do
National Audubon
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To foster an enjoyment of birds and the preservation of their habitat.



1) Maintain a vibrant chapter organization.

2) Advocate for an environment that promotes both the diversity and sustainability of bird populations.

3) Support an education agenda that promotes an appreciation of the environment and its natural communities, in particular birds.



1) Encourage the transition from participation to involvement in chapter activities.

2) Provide opportunities for an array of birding experiences.

3) Promote the necessary skills and knowledge to enhance the enjoyment of birds.

4) Join with other individuals/organizations that promote "bird friendly" activities.

5) Seek opportunities to expose young people to the wonders of the natural world in general and birds in particular.

6) Promote community involvement in environmental activities that enhance bird habitat.

7) Support the enforcement of local, state and national environmental laws (or advocate for their passage) that affect bird populations and their habitat.