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annual meeting - june 26

Scarlet TanagerThe annual meeting of the Rutland County Audubon Society will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 6:30 PM. The program and meeting will immediately follow a potluck supper at the Proctor Library. If you wish you can come to the meeting and skip the meal.

For our program Vermont birder Maeve Kim will talk about her birding travel experiences. Our business meeting will include a review of our projects and accomplishments for last year, some ideas for next year and the election of officers and directors.

If you are interested in having your name placed in nomination, you can contact me at vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com. Nominations for any position will also be taken from the floor.

This information is required by our constitution, but more needs to be said. Our chapter is doing a great job thanks to the efforts of many volunteers. We are monitoring bird populations, protecting habitat and educating adults and kids about birds. However, as you are aware, we are facing an ever increasing challenge to protect the natural world around us. To do more, we need even more volunteers. If you are willing to help in some way please let me know. You may be able to assist someone for an existing project or take on any one of many new ideas (and you may have your own).

I hope you can attend. Bring a dish to share. Beverages and utensils will be provided. Please email me or call me a 775-2415 with any questions.


annual meeting, program and potluck - june 27

Black-and-white WarblerThe Annual Meeting of the Rutland County Audubon Society will be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 at 6 PM. In keeping with tradition it will include a potluck supper the Proctor Library. Allon Wildgust will present a program on his trip to Africa, which includes many beautiful photos.

This year’s slate of officers and directors, in keeping with the guidelines of our constitution and bylaws, is as follows:



Co-presidents:     Roy Pilcher and Marvin Elliott

Secretary              Kathleen Guinness

Treasurer             Open

Director                Fred Bates

Director                Marsha Booker

Director                Tracey Busony

Director                Susan Elliott       

Director                David Jenne

Director                Renee Warren

Director                Mary Lou Webster

Director                Sue Wetmore                

We invite all interested parties to let us know if they would like to serve as an Officer or Director. We will vote on this slate at the meeting as well invite nominations from the floor.

This is also a time to recognize two people who will be stepping down from their positions. Angele Brill has been on the board for many years, most recently serving as our Treasurer. Angele feels it is time to step down and give someone new a chance. She will help us to get a replacement trained.

In addition, Susan Elliott is stepping down as Secretary, but will continue assisting us with other support functions (the RCAS website, Facebook, eBird reporting, etc.)

We thank Angele and Susan for all their service. We also thank Kathleen Guinness for accepting the nomination to serve as secretary.

We always need volunteers so please let us know if you have an interest. Our goal is to follow the old saying that “many hands make light work.”  By having more volunteers we can spread out the work and allow more time for the part of Audubon we enjoy the most – watching birds. We would also like help with maintaining West Rutland Marsh, monitoring Mountain Top Farm (our conservation easement), helping at the State Fair Forestry Building and many other potential projects. Please contact me at vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com or 775-2415 if you would like to discuss it further.

Hope to see you at the meeting! Bring a dish to share. Beverages and utensils will be provided.


RCAS annual meeting 

Carmine Bee-Eater, a bird of AfricaEach year at the end of June, Rutland County Audubon celebrates the year's accomplishments with a potluck supper, the annual meeting, and a program. This year, as always, the food was good and so was the bird chatter.

We elected our officers and directors and the annual report and treasurer's report were reviewed. Thanks to Roy Pilcher for presenting his program African Safari: From Penguins to Pachyderms.

RCAS is proud of its achievements this past year. Some highlights:

  • Mountain Top Farm easement: During the year RCAS became the owner of a conservation easement on 400+ acres overlooking the Chittenden Reservoir. This is the first such easement in the state with language specific to the preservation of bird habitat. We are seeking volunteers to monitor the boundaries and the bird populations.
  • We continued monitoring efforts at locations including West Rutland Marsh, now in its tenth year, and the Pomainville Wildlife Management Area. All our observations are recorded on eBird so we know our efforts are providing valuable data for tracking bird populations. If you are interested in taking on a monitoring project, let us know!
  • Continued our education efforts with Audubon Adventures for classrooms, after-school programs, and homeschoolers. We are always looking for volunteers to help spread the word of this award-winning program.
  • Further developed our website with expanded birding hotspots and resources.

We have plenty of projects to carry out in the coming year. Our scope is only limited by finding the people to get things done. If you have time to help, please let us know!

Click here for the complete 2010-11 Rutland County Audubon Aannual Report.



annual meeting - june 29

Chestnut-sided WarblerThe annual meeting and election of officers and directors of the Rutland County Audubon Society will be held on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 6 PM at the Proctor Library. Our organization is dependent on volunteers to carry out our mission of preserving and protecting the habitat of birds. The demand for volunteers, however, seems to far exceed the supply. We have completed many good projects, but there is always much more we could do with more help.

A good way for a beginner to get started is to attend some of our events such as a monthly marsh walk or even a board meeting as our guest. Hopefully, you will learn about us and be willing to do more. The next step would be joining our board of directors. Our directors are really the foundation of the organization. They are dedicated to making the organization tick. They work at our seed sales, attend our outings, and contribute their time to making RCAS a success.

From the directors we select the officers (co-presidents, secretary and treasurer). These are our experienced directors leading us to a productive future.

We hope you will be interested in us and consider joining our effort. Nominations will be accepted from the floor at the meeting or you can contact Marv Elliott, vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com, before the meeting to discuss your potential participation. We would love to hear from you.

See you at the meeting and, until then, good birding. The annual meeting includes a potluck supper (utensils, plates, and beverages provided). Following the meeting Roy Pilcher will present his program Penguins to Pachyderms.


annual meeting - 2010

Cardinal FlowerMembers of Rutland County Audubon gathered on June 30 at the Proctor Library to celebrate another year with its annual meeting. Thirty-six attendees enjoyed delicious dishes at the potluck supper. After the meeting Roy Pilcher presented The Wildflowers of Vermont, which included many beautiful close-up photos of flowers he has photographed over the years.

Roy Pilcher, RCAS Co-PresidentRoy presented the annual report, which highlights the achievements of the past year. These include the preservation of 55 acres at West Rutland Marsh, completing two years of effort in securing a grant and closing the sale of the property. Also, a year of monitoring of the Pomainville Wildlife Management Area in Pittsford was completed and will continue. About 100 species have been tallied there to date. RCAS members individually continue to monitor other areas around Rutland County. Audubon Adventures is being brought to classrooms in the area and we are actively promoting our Bridge-to-Bridge Interpretive Trail at West Rutland Marsh. Marv Elliott talked about the importance of National Audubon especially in light of the Gulf oil spill. Angele Brill presented the treasurer’s report, which shows that RCAS is financially sound.

As always we need more members to take an active role in furthering the mission of Rutland County Audubon: To foster an enjoyment of the birds and the preservation of their habitat. Please contact Marv Elliott at vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com or Roy Pilcher at shamwariVT@aol.com if you want to help!

You can download a copy of the 2009-2010 Annual Report here.

enjoying the potluck