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annual meeting - 2010

Cardinal FlowerMembers of Rutland County Audubon gathered on June 30 at the Proctor Library to celebrate another year with its annual meeting. Thirty-six attendees enjoyed delicious dishes at the potluck supper. After the meeting Roy Pilcher presented The Wildflowers of Vermont, which included many beautiful close-up photos of flowers he has photographed over the years.

Roy Pilcher, RCAS Co-PresidentRoy presented the annual report, which highlights the achievements of the past year. These include the preservation of 55 acres at West Rutland Marsh, completing two years of effort in securing a grant and closing the sale of the property. Also, a year of monitoring of the Pomainville Wildlife Management Area in Pittsford was completed and will continue. About 100 species have been tallied there to date. RCAS members individually continue to monitor other areas around Rutland County. Audubon Adventures is being brought to classrooms in the area and we are actively promoting our Bridge-to-Bridge Interpretive Trail at West Rutland Marsh. Marv Elliott talked about the importance of National Audubon especially in light of the Gulf oil spill. Angele Brill presented the treasurer’s report, which shows that RCAS is financially sound.

As always we need more members to take an active role in furthering the mission of Rutland County Audubon: To foster an enjoyment of the birds and the preservation of their habitat. Please contact Marv Elliott at vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com or Roy Pilcher at shamwariVT@aol.com if you want to help!

You can download a copy of the 2009-2010 Annual Report here.

enjoying the potluck



annual meeting and potluck - June 30

Showy Lady's SlipperThe annual meeting of Rutland County Audubon will be held on June 30 (Wednesday) at 6 p.m. at the Proctor Library. The event includes a potluck supper and a special presentation on Vermont wildflowers by Roy Pilcher.

This meeting will include important Audubon business including a year-end report of our activities. It will also include the annual election of officers and directors. These positions run for one year and are open to any member.

If you are interested in helping Rutland County Audubon continue its efforts toward conservation please either let me know before the meeting or have your name placed in nomination at the meeting. If you would like further information please contact Roy Pilcher at shamwariVT@aol.com or Marv Elliott at vtbirdhouses@yahoo.com. As a volunteer organization we depend on your support to keep us going.

Please bring a dish to share and some birding stories. Beverages and utensils will be provided.


a successful year for RCAS

Rutland County Audubon celebrated another successful year at its annual meeting and potluck supper at the Proctor Library on June 26, 2009. Twenty-six people enjoyed a lively social hour filled with birding banter and the many delicious dishes contributed by all.

Roy Pilcher presented his program The Nesting Strategies of Birds. Using photos of birds and their nests, Alder Flycatcherwhich he took over 40 years, Roy explained how different species use materials (or sometimes lack of) and locations to maximize their chances of successful reproduction. The program was presented on RCAS’s new laptop and PowerPoint projector obtained with a grant from Audubon Vermont.

The Board of Directors feels that the past year has been a productive one and hopes its constituents feel likewise. Adhering to our motto Birding with a Purpose, we try to make our programs and field trips a valuable experience by educating others, advocating for birds and the environment, and contributing to citizen science efforts. This past year we brought Audubon Adventures to several classrooms and homeschools, applied for funding to conserve land at West Rutland Marsh, and continued our monitoring efforts in several locations. We hope you will join us in the coming year to make the 2009-2010 even better.

You can download a copy of the 2008-09 Annual Report here.

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