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Here are the names of elected officers and
board of directors for the year beginning 7/1/2019 thru 6/30/2020.

Contact: birding@rutlandcountyaudubon.org


Kathleen Guinness, President

Mike Blust, Vice President

Nate Dansereau, Vice President

Mary Pernel, Secretary

Marv Elliott, Treasurer


Anya Beale, Native Plants Chair

Marsha Booker, Education Chair

Sandra Duling, Membership Chair

Susan Elliott, Social Media/Web Chair and Marsh Walk Leader

Irene Goebel, Publicity Chair

Ralph Nimtz, West Rutland Marsh Chair

Joel Tilley

Renee Warren, Program Chair

Mary Lou Webster, Brandon Seed Sale Co-chair

Sue Wetmore, Marsh Walk Leader and Brandon Seed Sale Co-chair

Honorary Supporters and Volunteers (welcomed to board meetings as are all members) :

Roy Pilcher, Past President and founding member

Tim Abraham, Mailing List Chair

Fred Bates, Rutland Seed Sale Chair

David Jenne, Webmaster

Russell Kulas, Assistant Treasurer